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1996 - Present  

The IAS had its beginnings around mid-1996 when adhesions patients, desperate to find answers, came across the web site of the then recently formed Synechion Inc. ( a consulting company specializing in the science and business of post-operative adhesions founded by, and presided over by Dr. David Wiseman.

The cries for help were as painful then as they are today: Why I am the only one that has this? Why doesn't anyone believe me? Where can I find help? Why do I have adhesions? Why doesn't anyone know about adhesions? Why can’t anyone cure me?

Attempting to keep up with the correspondence and realizing that a there was a significant lack of awareness about adhesions, Dr. Wiseman teamed up in October 1997 with Roberta and Bruce Speyer, the founders, and then owners, of By April 1998 was hosting popular monthly chats with Dr. Wiseman on the subject of adhesions. Dr. Wiseman’s email volume (and phone) continued to increase to the point that it was impossible to answer everyone. Around this time, it was decided to post a review article on adhesions in the hope that most patients could find most of their answers there, leaving only the most difficult questions for email. Of course this had the opposite effect and so, polling the growing band of adhesions-chat followers, the name “International Adhesions Society” was chosen and a fledgling version of the web launched in March 1999. Among our many accomplishments are:


  • Provided an internet presence at that receives over 30,000 visitors each month.
  • Top ranked site on most major search engines.
  • Development of a global volunteer network to assist the IAS in its mission to create global awareness for ARD.
  • Clearinghouse of patient, research and product information.
  • Assisted ARD patients in obtaining disability coverage.
  • Received recognition for ARD in the legislatures in many USA states.
  • Sponsored Patient Advocacy Campaing in January 2002 for the development of an ICD-9 Code for the Placement of Adhesion Barriers during surgery.
  • Conducted ground breaking research into ARD that has opened up new understandings of adhesions, ARD and CAPPS and their treatment from the perspective of the patients.
  • Instrumental in establishment of the world's first clinic dedicated to the adhesions patient.
  • Coined the terms Adhesions Related Disorder (ARD) and Complex AbdominoPelvic and Pain Syndrome (CAPPS) and is responsible for their widespread use, which has lead to an increased awareness about adhesions.
  • Instrumental in having the term ARD recognized byt he U.S. House of Representatives (see page 78 of Report of the Committee on Appropriations to the House of Representatives on September 7, 2004).
  • Presented at an FDA Advisory Panel Meeting to discuss the FDA Guidance Document on Devices for Surgical Adhesions.

Many of our accomplishments could not have taken place without the help of the our Support Group Coordinators, Volunteers, Sponsors and Friends of the IAS.  To all of you, we say a heartfelt ~ Thank You.

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ARD = Adhesions Related Disorder



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