Re: Oprah project! Robin, Dawn,

From: Robin M (
Wed Nov 13 18:47:48 2002

Well, I got my NEW story off to you via email & my pic. I went over my story on the quilt & updated it. I think it sounds ok now, but it is a little on the long side. But, I did thank my husband & my kids & My Lord for what they have done for me. I really think this is a GREAT idea. I hope Melissa doesn't have to wear any wigs LOL Maybe take pics of homeless people, I look like I could pass for one of them LOL Thank you! robin M

At Wed, 13 Nov 2002, kann wrote: >
>Thanks for the reply! Send me your digital picture attachment if you lik --I
>will print it on photo paper. Also, if you'd rather send your info via
>email--do so, I will print and place in book.
>ALSO, pass the word!!!! We want more than three or four photos on the
>box!!!!! .....Melissa says she doesn't want to have to put on wigs, etc to
>create more "people"....LOL...I am hoping that won't be necessary!!! If e
>get to Oprah, I think we should have shirts on with a big color photo of an
>adhesion fused belly on the front of the shirt and "I know I'm beautiful on
>the outside, but look at my insides!!" underneath the picture!!!Okay, m ybe
>toooo graphic, but it should get some attention!LOL.
>If you know of other sites with different people that aren't on here, pl ase
>post the Oprah project info.
>Thanks to all.
>PS....No, do not send me money!! (I work cheap)!!

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