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From: Sarah (
Fri Jan 24 21:31:50 2003

Karen, thanks for the message. And you are right. It was very, very hard for me to come out like I have to ask for help, especially from complete strangers. But I know the world is full of generous people, and I know I will get help.

Thanks for your support. Every little bit helps. Another reason I mentioned my site was to give others the idea of doing it themselves.

At Fri, 24 Jan 2003, Karen Steward wrote: >
> Kath has good insight--and so do you. Just thought I would post that
>I also don't know HOW you could go about proving you legitimately
>need help. Anyone could pose as your mother, brother, banker, candle
>stick maker, etc.... I plan to donate to your mission because of the
>misery my daughter has been through. I for one will take you at your word
>and give what I feel I am suppose to give. I encourage others to do the
>same. There are others (like you said) saving to get help also. I think it
>is a shame that we have not started a fund for helping women. It will come.
>In the meantime, Kath or anyone else, how can someone prove their genuine
>need? I think it is very hard to come to terms with ASKING for help.
>had I needed help for my daughter, I would have begged on a street corner.
>I think each person needs to decide for themselves. I also understand that
>the board can't allow actual solicitation, however, I see nothing wrong with
>mentioning you have a web page to share if you are an ARD sufferer.

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>> Thanks for the support. I agree about the message being pulled, but I
>> have no control over it. I made my feelings clear to the people in
>> charge of this site, as they personally emailed me about pulling the
>> message. I've seen several other messages from women selling items,
>> including raffle tickets to raise money. All I wanted to do was ask
>> people to go to my site, and let others know about it. I thought that
>> was what this site was all about, helping each other out.
>> As for having someone vouch for me, I'm not sure how that could be done.
>> I mean, my mother, and several close friends and family members have
>> sent out messages to their contacts, to let them know that this is
>> legit, and not a scam. But there will always be people out there who
>> don't believe, and it's understandable. Sad, but understandable. It
>> should be just about helping someone that needs help. Just like I
>> mention on my site, the past 3 Christmas', I have helped needy families,
>> by purchasing dinners for them, and gifts for the children. It's
>> something I look forward to every year, and try and get others involved
>> in. I'm sure some of the families that put their names on the lists
>> don't need the help, but I'm not going to question them. My feeling is
>> that it's mainly for the kids anyway.
>> But, thanks for your kind words. I do appreciate them!!
>> Have a great weekend.
>> At Fri, 24 Jan 2003, kaths Yahoo wrote:
>> >
>> >Hi Sarah,
>> >I would like to say that I wish you well with your website and if
>> >successful will be good for others to follow. I think if your post was
>> >pulled it would be a bit petty as others have advertised their websites
>> >on this board whether intentional or unintentionally.
>> >
>> >I am sure that the websites that are pulled for soliciting are those who
>> >are trying to sell their products for financial gain or those who
>> >unscrupulously feed on ill and disabled people for financial gain. I am
>> >sure they will get what's coming to them when they meet their maker at
>> >the pearly gates.
>> >
>> >I would like to give you one piece of advice that might help you and
>> >that is it might be a good idea to have someone vouch for you, to verify
>> >that you are who you say you are. You may think I am a horrible person
>> >for suggesting this but in this day of the internet you could be
>> >anybody.
>> >
>> >It has been known in the past as I remember, a girl who said that she
>> >had cancer and set up a website to fund her surgery. I can't really
>> >remember all the details of her story or how she was found out to be a
>> >fraud. I remember she was very young and a lot of people were taken in
>> >by her and the fact that it was not all that long ago it will still be
>> >in peoples minds. So for your own safety it might be worth getting
>> >someone who knows you to guarantor for you.
>> >
>> >I myself was very hurt this week to find out that someone whom I had
>> >emailed many times and had grown to love and respect, shared hurts and
>> >fears with her, thought I new her as a friend and then to be told that
>> >she signed up to my email group under another name to spy on me. It's a
>> >horrible feeling when you think you know someone and then you realise
>> >that they were a fraud. Which just goes to show with the internet it can
>> >be horrible as well as good.
>> >
>> >I hope I haven't hurt you as sincerely this is not my intention, I am
>> >just one of those people who wear their heart on their sleeve and I know
>> >how emails can be misconstrued and taken the wrong way. I wish you all
>> >the best with your venture and would like to see you succeed and that
>> >others may follow and at last get some relief from this dreadful
>> >disease. I would also be happy to put your web url on my message board.
>> >
>> >In Friendship Kath Findlay
>> >The UK Adhesion Society
>> >
>> >
>> >
>> >Please feel free to roam the UKAS website, research all about Adhesions,
>> >causes, treatment and prevention.
>> >United we stand Knowledge is power ARD is our fight Surrender never
>> >
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>> >
>> >I have been informed that this is not allowed to be on here, and will
>> >probably be pulled because solicitation is not allowed. All I was
>> >trying to do was show people where my site was, ask everyone to let
>> >their contacts know about it, and give others the idea of doing
>> >something like this in the future to get help. I hope that I haven't
>> >offended anyone, or upset anyone.
>> >
>> >At Fri, 24 Jan 2003, Sarah wrote:
>> >>
>> >>Hi everyone. I hope everyone is having a pain free day.
>> >>
>> >>As many other women, I am trying to raise the money to go to Germany
>> >for
>> >>surgery. My wonderful, sweet brother has created a website for me,
>> >> that I have sent out to all of my friends
>> >about,
>> >>and asked them to tell their contacts about.
>> >>
>> >>I realize that many of you are also saving money to go to Germany, and
>> >>cannot help me, but I am asking if you would please email any of your
>> >>contacts and let them know about my website.
>> >>
>> >>Also, I wanted to say thanks to Helen, who helped me quite a bit with
>> >>some of the writing of the website, and some of the links. I really do
>> >>appreciate it. I mentioned this site, and asked visitors of my site to
>> >>visit here and read some of our stories, so hopefully we will get some
>> >>more recognition.
>> >>
>> >>Thank you very much, and have a great weekend!


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