pelvic floor reconstruction disaster

From: Rose (
Wed Mar 14 07:27:08 2007

I had pelvic floor reconstruction surgery July 17, 2006. Am severely disabled as of 8 months later and am likely going to die from complications. I formed severe 3 mm wide stricture where the ends of colon were put together after they took out redundant sigmoid. I also now have obstructed outlet syndrome with puborectalis muscle scarred into the 90 degree angle (This means rectum does not open to defecate). even though i had the stricture dilated, it's not great. also have had small bowel obstructions due to scar tissue and am living on liquids. Am trying to get a surgeon to help me. DO NOT DO THIS RECONSTRUCTION. THere is too much surgery done: bowel, bladder, pelvic floor lift, ovaries, FORGET IT! If you need one thing done a lot, do that one thing and forget the rest. If I'm lucky a colostomy or ileostomy will work. I will always have the risk of small bowel obstruction. FIrst I got it from an apple, stew, and squash. I may be getting it again from eggs, potato, and toast. Also do not have a hysterectomy without saving your cervix. They took all with mine and this caused everything else to fall. That's why the pelvic floor uplift surgery. I'm only 51 and too young to die, but I may. The worst is when some docs say it's all in your head.

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