Request for doctor in Oklahoma

From: IAS Admin (
Sat Mar 17 17:58:42 2007

Sender: Jake something <>

wow that is really really rough. I just had surgery here about a week ago again it seems about ever two years i have another one for some reason and each time they tell me the adhesions are worse than before. Recently though i went in because i had formed an abcess in my pelvic area and they were going to take out the entire uterss and ovary (i already had the left side removed 2 years ago) but during surgery he feared cutting intoa nerve or possible doing damage to the intistine so they were unable to remove the uterss and again cleaned out adhesions as best they could in hopes that when they closed up they wouldn't strangle the bowel which is often a post surgery problem. anyays my question is is anyone aware of a program in Oklahoma city Oklahoma or anywhere in Oklahoma for that matter? Until now ive been pretty admant about no pain medicnce but after this last surgery im not sure that i will be able to not take some at some point in time. Its been nearly three weeks and i am still really sore the doc. has assured me this is normal concidering this is surgery #6 in that area and each one the healing time will be longer. I'm not complaining though just looking out for future plans. I have a very physical job and i am starting to see that in the next 10 years i may not be able to do the same work i do now and i need to get my medical taken care of while i am in decent shape.


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