Re: Dr. Korell

From: Robin M (
Wed Mar 21 06:48:31 2007

I too went to Dr Korell. My last surgery was in June 2003 with Dr Korell. It is going on 4 years since this surgery. During my 2nd look lap with Dr Korell, he found me to be adhesion free! I come here often to offer hope and understanding to those still suffering. I too am availiable anytime to talk. Robin M

At Sat, 17 Mar 2007, IAS Admin wrote: >

>I have read far too many real life, severely painful (emotionally &
>physically) horror stories that have left so many of us far worse than we
>started. I am writing to add a doctor to the board - one that you can
ALWAYS >count on.  I am writing to let you know that I too have suffered from many
>very serious surgeries but luckily (with the help/guidance of other
adhesion >patients) found a surgeon and a adhesion barrier that changed my life.  His
>name is Dr. Korell & the adhesion barrier is called spray gel.  I know that
>ohers have written about  Dr. Korell (all great things) but I want those
>still suffering to know that he literally saved my life - I could NEVER say
>enough about how AMAZING & TALENTED he is!!! If anyone wants to talk or
>would like to know more about my experiences or the details of what going
to >Germany really means, what to expect, please - please feel free to email
>My very best !!!!

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