Re: unsuccessful surgery small bowel obstruction for adhesions

From: Rebecca Tucker (
Wed Mar 21 06:51:07 2007

I have a great deal of experience in this area as well, unfortunately. (Mine

also started because of a TAHBSO) I have taken as long as 6 months to open back up. The longest I've been on TPN is 2 1/2 years due to dysmotility caused by damage from adhesions. Don't be in a hurry. It's not that difficult to become accustomed to TPN. You should carry on life as normal as

before, except that you carry your IV with you. They make a back pack that holds the pump and the bag. Be sure to ask for that. Don't stop just because

of this set back. One thing we all learn when dealing with this horrible thing called adhesions, is that we MUST make the best of all that we have. This set back doesn't necessarily signify an unsuccessful surgery. Be patient for now... Reba

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> Subject: unsuccessful surgery small bowel obstruction for adhesions
> My 73 year old wife had surgery 10 days ago for post-op(35 years ago
> TAHBSO). The surgeons found densely adherent portion of small bowel and
> removed several inches and did an anastomosis. Since then she continues
> to have an obstructive picture, needs an NG tube and IVs. She will
> start on TPN soon. It is now 10 days post-op. The surgeons say she
> should open up soon but I am doubtful since the xrays show no
> improvement compared to the preop films. Anyone have any experience
> with such a post-op course? What outcome should be expected.? more
> surgery needed?
> --
> mvdoc

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