Am at wits end and distrustful of medical community

From: DeAnna Pelzek (
Fri Mar 23 14:52:16 2007

My name is DeAnna. I am 41 and live in Chicago. Since the age of 19, I have had 8 abdominal surgeries. It all started with "endometriosis", (verified in the mid- eighties by a lap.)To make a short list, besides the multiple laps and D& c'S...I have had a tubal ligation in 1994....lap. chole (MISTAKE) to remove gallbladder in 1995....oopherectomy of L (healthy) ovary in 1996 (turned out to be diverticulitis that caused the LLQ abdominal pain!)....laparotomy and bowel run to find a "lead point" to my intussusception in my small bowels (ADHESION caused, it turns out!) in 2004...hystewrectomy (TOTAL) in 2005 and a multiple incisional hernia repair with mesh in 2006. Over the many years of unimaginable pain, I have been tossed back and forth between GYN docs (it's a GI problem, go to the GI guy!) and GI specialists(it's a GYN problem, go back to your GYN) with one stint to a pain specialists in 1996 that almost killed me (pain meds are BAD!!!) I have been told I was a drug seeker...that I was "making it all up", that's it's ALL in my head being a "hysterical" female (thank you U of U hospital!) to a person who LIKES surgery....of the MANY doctors I have had, only one even TRIED to help me, (thank you Dr. S in Hoffman Estates!) and it was HE who found the adhesions and scars from previous diverticular attacks that apparently were NOT all in my head. (To even GET Dr. S involved, my husband suggested at one of my ER visits that I LIE to the ER docs and tell them I had "never had this kind of pain before"...and the doc actually LOOKED to see what was wrong. Normally, when I went to the ER, I would tell them my history of endometriosis and chronic pain and they would almost practically roll their eyes and simply take some bloodwork and send me home with narcotics that I could not take, (I get DEATHLY ill from narcotic...thank you Sphincter of Oddi syndrome)So now I am FULL of adhesions and scars and am missing some vauable parts. I have paid for many a surgeons kid's college educations and bankrolled a few pharmaeceutical companies. I take no drugs now except the MUCH needed HRT patch, but am now feeling like I am an alcoholic because this is the only thing I can do to help me cope with the pain. I have no doctor I trust, (cannot see Dr. S any longer and truely he's done all he can). I have lost 6 jobs in 4 years and am almost unemployable. Not looking for sympathy here, but death is looking better and better as the pain only gets worse, more crippling and no relief is in sight. My husband is seeing a "healthy" woman on the side and I have run off all my friends because I am no longer thre active, vibrant "Dee" I used to be......sigh....just a LONG vent, I suppose, amoungst others who suffer from same or similar experiences...

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