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Fri Mar 23 14:54:32 2007

Wow yeah that's really rough :( Hang on in there!

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>Hi Sam,
>After surgery #32 I eventually had to stop working. I am 38 and on Medical
>Disability through my employer. I do work from home with photography and
>printing, but only when my pain allows me. Still in a lot of pain most
>times. I to do not like taking pain meds but sometimes it is unavoidable. I
>don't no of any programs in OK, but you may want to check into a physical
>therapy via water exercise in an heated pool. The water does not make you
>work out like normal PT. The water does most of the work for you, while the
>nerves and muscles are relaxed by the heated pool. I was referred by a Pain
>Management doctor, who to me was heaven sent. Some Health clubs have what's
>called a medical membership and some insurances cover it. Also, for meds
>try Xanaflex it's a muscle relaxer but it sometimes helps my pain (makes
you >sleepy so I only take it at night).
>I had a total Hysterectomy at 24 which was due to chronic endometriosis and
>adhesions all at the same time, now the adhesions adhear to my bowel,
>bladder, pelvic side wall, urether and anything else it pleases. I know it
>difficult for you but hang in there. I hope this info helps.
>Rebecca Mitchell,

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