Re: sigmoid blockage scared to death

From: Rebecca Tucker (
Sun Mar 25 18:50:05 2007

My suggestion for the problem with not being able to take fiber, etc. (I have to do that also or get in big trouble) is to use enemas before you start getting into the vicious circle of using laxatives. Don't use them at all, if you can help it. I just use fresh tap water enemas. It's really the safest way to keep the bowels moving when they refuse to... As far as the rest of it...I sure wish you could come to Cedar Sinai Medical

Center in Los Angeles... Reba

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> You bet I'm being mismanaged but this is the UK and our health service
> doesn't treat people, only numbers and targets.
> If I ask for a second opinion I will just have to wait months and
> months. I did actually see a different surgeon abou the pain and
> passing out on the toilet in January but he was worse; he didn't even
> investigate or take a proper history. He just said I must have IBS.
> I am very worried about the barium enema. I've had one before but I
> can't remember what the prep was like. I have a horrible feeling that I
> had to take a very strong laxative which would be very dangerous in this
> situation. Even my GP has told me that so I can't understand why the
> surgeon wants to do one but of course I can't get to see him. He
> insists on doing this before seeing me.
> I'm going back to my GP tomorrow but I suspect he will just say the
> surgeon knwos best. I haven't even been given any advice on how to
> manage my diet to prevent a complate blockage. My own research says low
> fibre, low residue but while taking opiates for teh pain, how on earth
> do I avoid constipation when I'm not supposed to take laxatives or
> softeners?

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