From: DeAnna Pelzek (hedonistd@yahoo.com)
Sun Mar 25 18:51:15 2007

Well.....another trip to the doctor with a NEW pain! I ended up having my six millionth CT scan done....this time no thing serious just the "same scars from previous surgeries". (I have not gotten the blood work back yet). My PCP recommded I see a surgeon to remove the adhesions that cause so much pain and partial intestinal blockages. She questiosn why I don't take the fiber powerders to stop constipation (it doesn't wpork for me anyways) and cannot understand that whebn I get gas like that stuff causes, the ,ovement of the gas through my GI tratc causes immense pain.....I told her I would NOT see a surgeon and unless I were DYING I would never have another surgeon cut my gut open. She suggested I stop drinking (which I am going to do this Monday when my husband stops smoking)I have never had trouble stopping (and I told her this) I don't get cravings or anything....it's just the pain gets so bad and I don't know how to deal with it. She didn't even make a suggestion for me.....I cannot take pain meds so I was hoping she would actually do her job for once and suggest PT or biofeedback or SOMETHING...she only suggested a surgeon and psychiatric intervention....sigh....looks like I will be seeking another PCP...i thought having a woman this time would help...but she was actually WORSE than the others....too busy to try and heal me. I am going to try fasting for a week and then do the food diary thing to try and find out why I am constantly constipated and what foods are causing my stomack to swell like I'm 6 months pregnant......I have missed 2 days of work and I've only been there for a month....nice.....hopefully I don't lose ANOTHER job. My husband says he "doesn't understand" why I even bother going to the hospital when I just need to "live with it". At any raye, I am going to take my own health into my own hands and try to do the best to "live with it".....

peace, Ya'll!


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