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Yes you can receive disability.  Some people get turned down and some get it.

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I am a 34 yr old woman who had a c-section 2004, partial hysterectomy 2005,scar repair 2005, 3 d&c and then july 2006 I had a football sized noncancerous tumor removed from my ovary.  When the dr opened me she said the adhesions were so dense she lost her way and she had to call in another surgeon.  They said the adhesions were attatched to everything in there.  While operating on me they cut my bowel accidentially and sewed me up and sent me home 2 days later.14 days later(after i called her several times and saw the dr 1 time and told her the pain was getting worse and something was really wrong) I ended up with a bowel obstruction and fecal matter flowing through my body, and a 6in absess in my pelvis that ate through the wall between the front and back of me causing feces to go out the wrong place.  I had 4 more major surgeries over the next 6 months including an ostemy which has now since been reversed.  I also was in the hospital on tpn and the nasal tube for 2 and a half months straight.  My incision was left open to heal so i had home health workers come in for 6 months.I am lucky to be alive but the pain in my abdomed is unbearable at times.  It sometimes even hurts in my ribs and down my leg.  My last surgery was jan 9th can the adhesions be growing back that quick? Can you get disability from this problem? Just the emotional, physical and financial burden has been too much.

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