Re: PLEASE HELP! Need (fast!!) a very good ob/gyn surgeon in

From: JGens (
Thu Apr 5 08:30:31 2007

Sandy, Hi, I'm in Seattle and not sure I can be of much help. Have Abdomino-pelvic adhesions / endometriosis and the best option I've had so far is medicinal treatment. Although I hate the side effects, Gabapentin (Gen.Neurontin) and Vicoden combo keep me at least a little functional. I'm not working or up cleaning house, but I'm able to be out of bed most days. I went to get a 2nd gyn. opinion at UW womens' health and was informed theres no going back in, at this point, until I have a blockage...period. So ... they suggested trying different meds, starting with Neurontin. Sorry, I know I probably haven't been much help. Alot of the women on an Endo support group swear by Dr. Cook in Los Gatos,Ca. He is supposed to be one of the best in Endometriosis and Adhesion removal, unfortunately he is not in any network, you have to pay cash and if you're lucky enough to have insurance, hope they refund you at least part of your money.


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