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Jim. First off, do you have your Gallbladder? When you say it is acute after eating, it makes me think of the Gallbladder.  I went to Germany and had lysis of adhesions and came home and had the pain you are explaining and it was Gallbladder.  So, make sure they have ruled everything else out.  Unfortunetly, I have problems and pain again.  I am on Methadone and it seems to do pretty good without alot of the side affects. Please have your gallbladder checked first then you need to go to a pain management dr. and he needs to experiment with medications to help you. Best of Luck, Kelly M. 

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Subject:   Question regarding Pain and Pain Management
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>Subject: Question regarding Pain and Pain Management
>Newbie here with a question.  I am a 32 year old male with a long
>history of abdominal surgieries starting when I was two.  I have had
>lysis of adhesions 4 times with the last one in Jan 07 which was
>unsuccessful.  My surgeon located in New York City is supposed to be an
>expert on adhesions but is totally puzzled as to why I am still
>experiencing pain.  My pain is acute, in one location,usually come about
>2-3 hours after eating a meal and last for about 4 hours.  For whatever
>reason the pain meds that the doctors have perscribed (oxycotin,
>perocet, etc.) never reduce the pain but just make me loopy.
>Is there a recommnedation of pain meds that work more effectively
>without impacting normal functions?
>Jim Gallic

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