I have begun the runaround and I want to scream

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Karen, I have not wrote anything on here in awhile, I have been dealing with pain, and test after test, doctor after doctor---I finally found a pain clinic and my doctor is awesome.  He believes me, that I am in pain, and he believes adhesions do cause pain (THANKGOD)!!!!!! Actually he has 1 other patient that is exactly like me, suffers from adhesions and pain. Anyway, everyone is different, what works for one person may or may not work for another, but I have finally found some meds that do help for pain. When I first went to the pain clinic my doctor put me on the fentanyl patch, it helped a very little, but then it made me terribly sick, so then I was switched to Kadian, basically morphine, it helped a little but that also made me sick, I am now on methadone 10mg 3 times a day, and Norco 10/325mg every 4 hours for breakthrough pain, also about 1 month ago, I had nerve blocks, I don't think they really worked, but this is the best I have fealt in a really long time.  Just yesterday my son told me he can tell I am feeling better because I am not "grouchy" anymore! I still have pain but not as intense as it was. I used to lay in bed all day, cry all of the time because the pain was so bad, and nothing helped it, I did not do much of anything because of the pain. I live outside of Chicago IL, if anyone is interested, I would be glad to give you the name of my doc and pain clinic I go to. My e-mail is dmg7868@sbcglobal.net . Thnaks for listening- Denise

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Karen, First off you might want to try to find a good pain doc, preferably one who understands adhesions and the pain they can cause. It sounds like the hospital you were in as you say "gave you the run around." Do you have a Doc ie Obgyn or other that you trust real well that could give you some advice on what to do or who to go to. Most obgyns understand adhesions, but it sounds like you got someone in the ER who just plain didn't want to deal with it.  This is unfortunately how a lot of docs out there treat us. I finally had to take over myself after being told their was nothing any one could do. I had been to my regular surgeon, then to two other surgeons who wouldn't touch me. I thought theirs got to be a way to take care of this.(I happen to be an operating room nurse.) I ended up on this website a start. You might want to check to see if their are surgeons in Alaska who do deal with adhesions. I ended up going to a specialist in Pa. He saved my life. I know that's not always an option for everyone to go elsewhere, but for me he was a God send. By the time I got to him the adhesions had started to cause some damage. Their are also  other  docs ie in Florida and else where around the country. It wouldn't hurt to at least contact my surgeon and see if he might know of someone there who can help you. clarkgerhart.com. Don't let the ER there blow you off, if that's all you have and you can't go anywhere else....( I actually ended up in the ER, oh 24 times during  a year and a half period where things were so bad. It was humiliating at times, because you felt they  were looking at you like you were a drug seeker.)Thankfully I had a very understanding Ob/gyn and Gi doc who knew I was in trouble. They actually were relieved when I found Dr G. Adhesions of course can come back the more surgeries a person has, but if you get someone who knows how to deal with them you're going to be a lot better off. I'm not 100%, and am on SSD, but compared to 2 years ago. I'm a new person. And I do the best I can. Unfortunately and I don't want to scare you but the surgeons here not dealing with me soon enough, I have some damage to a section of bowel that i may never get back, but as long as I'm careful what I eat  I do Ok. Hopefully one of these days we will have more good barriers to help us, they are in the works. That's another story in itself. Good Luck!! Don't give up. Marlene

> Date: Fri, 11 Jan 2008 07:56:01 -0600
> From: tracy.joslin@adhesions.org
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> Subject: I have begun the runaround and I want to scream
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> Subject: I have begun the runaround and I want to scream
> After yesterdays 14 hours in the emergency room, I am left bewildered,
> lost, and unsure of what to do now.
> In November, I was diagnosed with Diverticulitis. After a week or so on
> antibiotics, the pain started to subside a bit. 4 days after my
> antibiotics were finished, the pain came back (lower left quadrant,
> lower right quadrant). I then went to a GI specialist, who did another
> catscan. This catscan showed the inflammation from the infection was
> gone and it was safe to go forward with a colonoscopy to see if there
> was IBS, or something causing the abdominal pain. The colonoscopy
> showed that my intestines look great (aside from a few diverticula) and
> he felt that my pain was caused by adhesion's, from my MULTIPLE
> abdominal surgeries in the past (several laps for ovary cysts, an ovary
> removal, a c-section (through the same incision as the ovary removal) a
> hysterectomy through the c-section incision, gall bladder removal, etc.

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