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Fri Dec 26 21:48:43 2008

Hi,? My name is Chris.? i have had 9 surgeries for adhesions before I actually found the top surgeon in the country who specializes in adhesions.? I have suffered for years and then several surgeries later...I found Dr Semertzides in cinnicinati, OH.? I had surgery 2 months ago and feel better than I have in 2 years!!? No Adhesions!!? He is amazing!!? Contact him!? He is the only one licensed in the country to perform the procedure to PERMANENTLY get rid of them!!!? Any ?'s ...feel free to email him or myself.

Good Luck and God Bless!!!

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At Wed, 15 Oct 2008, Lesa wrote: >
>Alan -
>I am positive your wife has adhesions from her surgery. The previous
>reply to mine is correct, surgery is the only thing to get rid of the
>adhesions BUT DON'T DO IT! I too believed that surgery (lysis of
>adhesions) would help but it creates only more adhesions. Believe me, I
>know what I'm talking about. Please read my story on the adhesions
>There are ways to minimize the pain, I am have been on Oxycontin for the
>past 6 years, it's the only way I can cope. I was ignorant and believed
>my original surgeon (gynecologist) who told me surgery was the only
>answer. I've had at least 10 lysis of adhesion surgeries and almost
>died during the last one. I know know that surgery, at least in this
>country, doesn't work, it makes things worse. Until there is an
>adhesion barrier approved to be used in the US, these type surgeries
>don't work.
>I'll keep you and your wife in my prayers.
>At Tue, 30 Sep 2008, Alan wrote:
>>My wife had a hysterectomy to remove a grapefruit sized Uterine Fibroid
>>2 years ago. She did not have Endometriosis but the Uterus was removed.
>>The pre-op Ultrasound showed the fibroid against the large intestine and
>>the bladder. She has had a lot of abdominal pain in the lower right
>>(inguinal area) and her doctor does not think it is from adhesions. She
>>says the pain is worse on the right but recently there is also pain on
>>the left with a pulling sensation and some pain between them. The scar
>>(about 6") is just below where the pain goes across the abdomen. The
>>first 7 months after the operation she was numb in that area and
>>partially numb for another 5 months. My three questions are can
>>adhesions be caused from surgery if no Endometriosis was found? Can you
>>develop Endometriosis after your Uterus has been removed? and can anyone
>>recommend a doctor in

New Hampshire or New England? >>Thank you so much!

That is a negative way to look at lysis of adhesions. Yes all surgery can cause adhesions to come back, but adhesion barriers have been approve in the USA only a few Dr are willing to work with it because it time consuming a tedious and they want to get in and out. with adhesion Barriers I have been able to go 5-6 yrs with out surgery would have been longer had I not had a hernia. some get less some more. Dr Redan in Orlando Fla listed on this web site the CAPPS program listed is excellent. and worth traveling to have the surgery. as far as pain some still have a little everyone is different. Pain meds are a crutch for some they would rather take it then try to fix the problem. Some Dr are just not great surgeons. I have noticed that alot of people just do alot of complaining and just want to rely on pain meds they are and meant to be short time and addictive and no way to live. sometimes a positive attitude and Healthy living can help. The pain is real but it wont go away unless you try to fix it so if bad surgeries have had happened travel to the ones who have had success. pain free for a few years at a time is better than all the time. reality is adhesion will never go away permantently so enjoy the time between. living on pain meds is not enjoyable.

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