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From: Sarah Wampler (
Tue Dec 30 14:17:41 2008

Just a reminder that Dr. Jay Redan and Dr. Steven McCarus are performing clinical trials with a new adhesion barrier from Covidien called "Sprayshield". Contact CAPPS via for more info

At Wed, 24 Dec 2008, dawn wrote: >
>At Wed, 15 Oct 2008, Lesa wrote:
>>Alan -
>>I am positive your wife has adhesions from her surgery. The previous
>>reply to mine is correct, surgery is the only thing to get rid of the
>>adhesions BUT DON'T DO IT! I too believed that surgery (lysis of
>>adhesions) would help but it creates only more adhesions. Believe me, I
>>know what I'm talking about. Please read my story on the adhesions
>>There are ways to minimize the pain, I am have been on Oxycontin for the
>>past 6 years, it's the only way I can cope. I was ignorant and believed
>>my original surgeon (gynecologist) who told me surgery was the only
>>answer. I've had at least 10 lysis of adhesion surgeries and almost
>>died during the last one. I know know that surgery, at least in this
>>country, doesn't work, it makes things worse. Until there is an
>>adhesion barrier approved to be used in the US, these type surgeries
>>don't work.
>>I'll keep you and your wife in my prayers.
>>At Tue, 30 Sep 2008, Alan wrote:
>>>My wife had a hysterectomy to remove a grapefruit sized Uterine Fibroid
>>>2 years ago. She did not have Endometriosis but the Uterus was removed.
>>>The pre-op Ultrasound showed the fibroid against the large intestine and
>>>the bladder. She has had a lot of abdominal pain in the lower right
>>>(inguinal area) and her doctor does not think it is from adhesions. She
>>>says the pain is worse on the right but recently there is also pain on
>>>the left with a pulling sensation and some pain between them. The scar
>>>(about 6") is just below where the pain goes across the abdomen. The
>>>first 7 months after the operation she was numb in that area and
>>>partially numb for another 5 months. My three questions are can
>>>adhesions be caused from surgery if no Endometriosis was found? Can you
>>>develop Endometriosis after your Uterus has been removed? and can anyone
>>>recommend a doctor in New Hampshire or New England?
>>>Thank you so much!
>That is a negative way to look at lysis of adhesions. Yes all surgery can
>cause adhesions to come back, but adhesion barriers have been approve in the
>USA only a few Dr are willing to work with it because it time consuming a
>tedious and they want to get in and out. with adhesion Barriers I have been
>able to go 5-6 yrs with out surgery would have been longer had I not had a
>hernia. some get less some more. Dr Redan in Orlando Fla listed on this web
>site the CAPPS program listed is excellent. and worth traveling to have the
>surgery. as far as pain some still have a little everyone is different. Pain
>meds are a crutch for some they would rather take it then try to fix the
>problem. Some Dr are just not great surgeons. I have noticed that alot of
>people just do alot of complaining and just want to rely on pain meds they
>are and meant to be short time and addictive and no way to live. sometimes a
>positive attitude and Healthy living can help. The pain is real but it wont
>go away unless you try to fix it so if bad surgeries have had happened
>travel to the ones who have had success. pain free for a few years at a time
>is better than all the time. reality is adhesion will never go away
>permantently so enjoy the time between. living on pain meds is not

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