Gluten Free diet?

From: Donna Williams (
Tue Dec 30 14:42:22 2008

I have had great success with this type of diet in the past, but because I had such great results with my last surgery I gave it up.

Now I am paying the price!

My adhesions are back and I am dealing with pain issues again. I do have pain meds to take and have put myself back on a basically raw food diet. I have a terrible feeling I'll be going back in for surgery. I am having alot of pain under my scar, the surgeon has used the same incision site for 2 surgeries. The last cut back I had adhesions growing on the top of my vaginal wall & stretching to my abdominal wall.

He did cut them back but did not use a barrier.

Just wondering if any of you have tried a gluten free diet & what your results were.


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