Celiac Plexus Block

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hi my name is teresa and i read your email about the plexus block and i guess by now u  have had the block. hope u are doing fine . if u are feeling ok i would like to know how it is going and a little more information about this . please email me back teresa

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Good luck with your procedure.  I am very afraid of doing this but my pain doc keeps telling me I should do it.  Why did it take 2 years to have it done? How do they know where to put the block? Please post how it goes as I am interested.  Thanks Kim

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> Well tomorrow is the day I have been waiting for, for about 2 years. I am
>going in for my Celiac Plexus Block. I am a bit apprehensive about it all,
>but thank God that I am not having an abdominal surgery. I don't remember
if >I explained the process. It is the same procedure that is used on
Pancreatic >Cancer patients. The Doctor does an esophegial ultra sound using a special
>ultra sound wand with a camera in it to find the exact area where the block
>will be put, then a needle is in the ultra sound wand? itself. They put in
>an alcohol based solution with a steroid. My Gastro says it may lower my
>pain level, then it will start to raise again. That is when you get another
>pain block. You go in for a series of 3. It can last up to six months. It
>just lowers the pain level. Basically masks the pain like the pain meds do,
>but much more intense.
>I would love to have the adhesions taken care of, but... that's another
>story. I have had my pain intensify the past few weeks, and have noticed a
>knot right in the area where I had an incision for adhesion surgery. You

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