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Mon May 9 21:23:11 2011

hi i am also 32 but with2 children! God i thought i was alone in this!!! A&E ER NOT HAPPY PEOPLE WHEN THENCAN'T DEAL OR help and therefore it must all be in my head!!!

I have hed my appedix out hernia repair, twisted blood vessel in my pelvis remved (saved my life) several camera into my tummy, hysterectomy, heamatoma removal 7 days after hysterectomy after they found my overy wast twisted and everything was stuck to gether so my bladder was torn and bowels fused togther!, then more cameras stent into kindeys and a major bladder lift and repair, and now i am in so much pain i wanted to kill myself! No joke xxx So amyone out there i always here and understand! It's not in your head and it is real!!!!

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>Hello. First of all thank you so much. I have never encountered someone who
>been through what I have. This website is a glimmer of hope for
>That may sound a little dramatic but it is very true.
>I'll include a quick summary of my medical history. I am 32 years old, have
>three beautiful children and am suffering from constant pain from

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